Mayonnaise - done in one minute

It's the condiment in the Netherlands, mayonnaise! We put it on basically everything.

Quick and easy

I used this recipe a lot when I forgot to buy mayonnaise and didn't want to go back to the supermarket. I still get store bough mayo but when you're in a pinch this recipe is a lifesaver.

Regular mayonnaise

For the regular mayonnaise you can follow this recipe. Do you want truffle mayonnaise? Just add truffle oil. Do you want aioli? Add garlic! how about wasabi mayonnaise? Lovely on a pizza with tunaPerfect, right? You can go in every direction with this recipe.


A lovely homemade mayonnaise what's done in 1 minute
cooking time2 min
total cooking time2 min
servings: 8


  • 1 egg, raw
  • 2 teaspoon white wine vinegar
  • 250 ml mild olive oil
  • optional: truffle oi/ or garlic etc.


  • Add the egg, white wine vinegar and olive oil in a beaker and put in a stick blender.
  • Whizz until a creamy substance starts to form and gently pull the blender up.
  • Keep on blending until all the oil is gone and you have mayonnaise.

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