• penne met spinazie en zalm

    Creamy penne with spinach and salmon

    Yes, this is a classic dish but the preparation is a bit different than you might think. Another recipe with salmon and spinach is this spaghetti, this is with a goatcheese sauce and is also very tasty. Use a hollow pasta for this dish. Normally I always prefer spaghetti for all my pasta dishes but for this I must admit that hollow pasta is the way to go.

  • sangria


    When I think of spain I think of Sangria. You can get a huge glass on every corner of the street for a couple of euro's. Amsterdam should take note! Sangria basically is a wine cocktail. The recipes very a bit but I like the classic style. Adding fruit is a must, always chose a hard fruit that can soak really well. You don't want mushy banana in your cocktail.

  • Pizza met artisjok en burrata

    Pizza with artichoke and burrata

    With all these vegetables with pizza is almost a salad. I based my recipe on the recipe of Olives + Thyme, but I amended it a bit. And don't get me wrong, I love a cheesy pizza , but this pizza feels light and is refreshing. It's perfect for when you want a more light meal. And despite all the veggies it's still very flavorful and also creamy because of the burrata.

  • salade met biefstukreepjes

    Salade met biefstukreepjes

    Deze salade, ik heb ‘m niet zelf verzonnen. Ik werkte vroeger in het Circustheater en daar mocht ik dan ook eten. Kwam dat even goed uit want tijdens mijn studententijd kon ik het niet breed laten hangen en at ik voornamelijk tosti’s. Biefstukreepjes Het moeilijkste van de salade is de biefstuk goed bakken. Je wilt het niet taai bakken, maar…

  • tiramisu

    Tiramisu with homemade lady fingers

    Tiramisu, it's light and creamy and just delicious. I'm not huge on alcohol in sweets so I left it out but you can alsways add it if you want. You can also choose to skip the homemade lady fingers but I didn't have any and I did have eggs, sugar and flour. So the decision was made quickly, I hate having to go back to the supermarket. Does it make a huge difference when you make them yourself? Hard to tell, I couldn't compare it. What I do have when I make it with storebought is sometimes still hard pieces of lady fingers. You really have to soak those bad boys because they are so hard. Homemade is more delicate and soaks way quicker.

  • chai kruiden

    Chai kruiden

    Ja, je kunt makkelijk de kant en klare kruiden kopen alleen vaak niet in de supermarkt en ik bedenk meestal op het allerlaatste moment dat ik iets wil gaan maken en dan wil ik het ook direct. Chai Zo ook deze cupcakes. En daar wilde ik dus chai kruiden doorheen doen. Wat onderzoek bleek uit dat er eigenlijk hele standaard…

  • Dubbel gebakken gepofte aardappel

    Twice baked jacket potato

    I love a jacket potato, the flavour of the potato itself gets so much richer. Here you can't really buy large potatoes. You can buy packs of jacket potato which you then have to bake in a microwave, gross. I usually buy those and get them out of the microwavable packet and bake then in the oven.

  • gekarameliseerde ui plaattaart

    caremalized onion tart

    Whats better than caremalized onion? Especially on a tart with gruyere and thyme. Onion needs a long time to caremalize. Unfortunately, puffpastry doesn't need as long so once the puff pastry is goldenbrown, cover it with aluminium foil so the onion can cook some more.

  • Spaghetti mosselen

    Spaghetti with mussels

    Bart loves them. I do as well but I'm full rather quickly. I prefer to eat the bread it's served with more. So when I wanted to make mussels for dinner I figured I would make something else for myself. It's an easy dish but packed with flavour. I use white wine in the sauce and a tip: make sure you use good wine that you would also serve with your meal. If you don;t want to drink it, you shouldn't cook with it.

  • Kip gevuld met mozzarella in een paprika roomsaus

    Chicken stuffed with mozzarella in a creamy bell pepper sauce

    It's a mouthful, this title! My husband really wants to eat lowcarb again and despite bell pepper being a vegetable with relatively a lot of carbs this is an ideal lowcarb meal. I only use 2 bell peppers for the entire sauce. So you have to grill the bell peppers firt or, just like I did, use a jar of grilled bell peppers. I drain them and blend them with some herbs into a sauce.

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