• greasy cheesy tosti met cheesepull

    The perfect cheesepull

    If you like or love foodphotography, you want to create certain type of pictures. Movement On of these type of pictures is movement. You would need a tripod and a remote control in order for you to have your hands free. I made a quick video in this article , cllick, where you can see how I take my pictures where my hand are in frame. Cheesepull

  • Broccoli gratin

    Broccoli gratin

    I wasn't going to post this recipe online but after getting so many responses to my stories I decided to do it anyway! Broccoli but other vegetables are suited. You can add other vegetables, pretty much whatever you have!

  • snelle granola

    Quick and easy granola

    I really like granola when it's a little bit warm. You can make this granola fresh every day! It's a very quick and easy recipe, you'll bake the granola in a pan instead of in the oven. You'll be ready in 10 mins!

  • pittige gehaktballen

    Spicy meatballs

    My mother used to make these meatballs all the time. Every birthday they were served and they were always a big hit! Meatballs I'm not a massive fan of the traditional meatballs but these are amazing! Because of the chili, the ketjap and the sambal there's a real punch of flavours

  • (truffel)mayonaise

    Mayonnaise - done in one minute

    It's the condiment in the Netherlands, mayonnaise! We put it on basically everything. Quick and easy I used this recipe a lot when I forgot to buy mayonnaise and didn't want to go back to the supermarket. I still get store bough mayo but when you're in a pinch this recipe is a lifesaver.

  • scones met perzik en clotted cream


    I don't think I have to tell anyone how amazing scones are. The best part? They are super easy to make! You don't have to let them rise so they're done pretty quickly. Batter The batter of a scone is a bit peculiar. You have to mix the ingredients until just combined. You don't knead the ingredients with your hands but you cut and mix all the ingredients with a knife. The idea is that by just mixing the dough you'll get extremely flaky scones.

  • Witte bolletjes

    White buns

    When I was younger I would watch cartoons I would always notice 'dinner rolls'. It was an enigma but I love bread so I was down for it. White buns Guess what? Dinner rolls are the same as the basic white buns whe have in The Netherlands. Only we have this with breakfast and never during dinner.

  • gratin dauphinoise

    Gratin dauphinois

    Ik hou helemaal niet van aardappelen behalve als ze op deze manier gemaakt worden. Ik zei het eerder al, koolhydraten en kaas zijn mijn favoriete dingen en hier combineer ik dat dan ook lekker. Dauphinois Volgens mij zit er in het klassieke recept geen kaas, maar ik vind dat toch wel een fantastische toevoeging. Je wil namelijk dat de aardappelen…

  • Courgette broccoli soep

    Courgette Broccoli soep met warmgerookte zalm

    Soepjes, soms heb ik er totaal geen behoefte aan en soms kan ik er geen genoeg van krijgen. Het is zo afhankelijk van mijn bui. Wanneer ik wel soep eet vind ik vooral de gepureerde soep het lekkerst, met uiensoep als grote uitzondering. Ik maak vooral vaak een pompoensoep, maar dat komt omdat Bart dat heel lekker vindt. Courgette en…

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