• Geflambeerde kaas

    Geflambeerde kaas

    Dit gerecht stond op de menukaart van ons favoriete Griekse restaurant. Je kreeg er vers gebakken oregano brood bij en het was altijd zo lekker. Helaas is dit restaurant gesloten dus dan maar thuis maken! Geflambeerde kaas Het is niets meer dan gebakken kaas afgeblust met metaxa en dat geflambeerd, maar het ziet er wel spectaculair uit én is dus…

  • American hot pizza zuurdesem

    American Hot pizza with a garlic buttersauce

    Yes, this is a rip-off of Papa John. I'm a big fan but most of the time I don't feel like ordering in. It's a weird form of lazyness, I don't like answering the door. I can highly recommend them though, I love the American Hot pizza.

  • banoffee

    Banoffee taart

    This pie is heaven! A cookie base, then dulche de leche, banana and yo utop it all off with whipped cream and chocolate. You should't eat this every day but indulge once in a while. Okay, so the name gives it away. You need a toffee layer. In this case dulche de leche. Making that is very easy. You can a can of sweet condensed milk and you simmer this for 4 hours. Make sure the can stays under water at all times, otherwise it can explode.

  • gedroogde starter

    zuurdesem starter drogen en weer tot leven wekken

    Er zijn momenten dat je je starter misschien wilt laten drogen. Wanneer? Nou, bijvoorbeeld wanneer je een lange tijd weg bent en je niet voor je starter kunt zorgen. Ik wilde mijn starter drogen omdat ik iemand een beetje wilde opsturen. Een levende starter is lastig via de post te versturen en als het per ongeluk een paar dagen later…

  • Bao buns met speklap

    Bao buns with breaded crispy porkbelly

    I've combined on of my dads favourite recipes with a hipper bao bun. My dad always make these breaded crispy pork belly with a white bun, sate sauce and andalouse sauce. Here in the Netherlands you can get slices of prok belly, we fry them so they become really crunchy. Breading them first is a really good flavour/structure combination.

  • cacio e pepe

    Spaghetti cacio e pepe

    The perfect cacio e pepe is creamy without cream being used. It's only cheese and pasta water, that's it. The secret is making sure there's a lot of starches in the pasta water, that's what makes the sauce creamy.

  • slush puppy

    Slush puppy strawberry

    I used to love a slush puppy, I think they were sols at the candy store in the market but I'm not even sure any more..it's been so long ago. This is nothing more than blended icecubes with surup so the only things you need is a blender, icecubes and syrup. Easy right? For an adult version you can add some rum or vodka!

  • frittata

    Frittata with courgette and feta

    Frittata is ideal for leftovers. Got some veggies leftover, potato, cheese etc.. you can put it all in there. Courgette and feta is a lovely combination, I also have a recipe for courgette fritters, this looks a bit like it but this is a bit sweeter because of the regular cheese and more moist as well. I always get omiros feta and not white cheese. Please don't use white cheese.

  • Foccacia

    Decorated foccacia

    I must admit I didn't think of this myself. I saw it on Pinterest the other day and just had to make it. You can decorate your foccacia with anything. I'm not creative like that so I kept it simple but I saw some works of art pass by

  • Sticky toffee pudding

    Sticky toffee pudding

    Ik dacht altijd dat ik dit niet lekker zou vinden vanwege de dadels, ik hou niet van gedroogd fruit, maar boy was I wrong. Sticky toffee De eerste keer dat ik dit at was, uiteraard, in Engeland. Het regende, we hadden aan lange auto dag voor de boeg en ik had zin in comfortfood. Ik had me voorgenomen dat ik…

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