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The perfect cheesepull

If you like or love foodphotography, you want to create certain type of pictures.


On of these type of pictures is movement. You would need a tripod and a remote control in order for you to have your hands free. I made a quick video in this article here where you can see how I take my pictures where my hand are in frame.


Something else that's extremely appetizing is the cheesepull. I have some tips for you on how to create the perfect cheesepull. Some might me obvious but some might be new!


  1. Use a type of cheese that melts really well. I know, this ones obvious but in order to see the cheese strains you need a very melty cheeselike mozzarella, cheddar or any type of young cheese.
  2. Sometimes, when I'm taking long to take the perfect picture the cheese can set again. I'll then put my meal in the microwave so the cheese is nice and melty again.
  3. Cut your food, in this case a grilled cheese, but also with a pitta, and push the ends back together and wait for 20 seconds. The cheese will melt together again and when you pull it off creates a cheesepull. If you cut your food, you'll also cut the cheese and won't have a cheesepull.
  4. Don't bake you food at a too high temperature. Don't go above the 180 degrees celcius otherwise you'll get a crust instead of nicely melted cheese and you won't get a cheesepull when the cheese is hard and crusty.
  5. When you've made an ovendish like the picture below and you're using a tripod and remote control lift up your spoon, take a picture and then put the food back again. Let melt together with the rest and repeat. You'll have more pictures to choose from afterwards. Again, if the cheese has set, just pop it in the microwave for a couple of seconds.
Broccoli gratin

I hope you got some usefull tips out of this article. And have you made the perfect cheesepull pucture? Let me know! Also, if you want to make this grilled cheese sandwich, click here for the recipe.

greasy cheesy tosti

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